About Me

Hello, my name is Michele, and I am Creatively Obsessed.

At least that is what my friends and family tell me. My children say, I am a hoarder of memories, I keep every school paper, and every little note. I save ticket stubs, travel brochures, and more. I take thousands of pictures. As a result, the majority of my templates are multi photo, and purposely simple in design, to allow the memories to shine. A nice group of photos, combined with the right kit, and a template for inspiration, allow us to celebrate, and document, the moments in our lives that matter most. Moments that can be reflected upon, and cherished, in the years to come.

I began designing templates in 2007, and have been a member of several Creative Teams through the years. At first, I made my templates, and gave them away as freebies, to help promote my designers. In the past year, the shops that I CTed for closed down, and the designers I worked for, decided to retire. I found myself looking for a new creative outlet, and decided it was time to start selling my templates. I view template design as a full time job, and work a minimum of eight hours a day, five days a week.


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