Lots of changes

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by. Since I have not posted in a while, I just wanted to let everyone know, I have decided it was time for me to stop focusing on designing layouts for Creative Teams, and become a designer myself. Since I take a lot of pictures, and I have found the number of multi photo templates out there somewhat limited, I am going to specialize in predominantly multi photo templates, so people like myself, can get a lot of photos scrapped in a snap. I am in the process of getting set up at a couple shops, more details about that later. In order to focus on designing my templates for you, I will not be joining any new Creative Teams. Of course, I will continue to CT for Leigh Penrod, her kits are just too beautiful to pass up, and I am still technically on the creative team at Polk a Dot Plum as well. Though they have been having site issues for some time now, and I am not sure if or when they will be up and running again.

I am also changing the way I scrap. It is not uncommon, for my family, to have 800 to 2000 or more, photos of a single trip or event. Trying to make each page a work of art, just is not getting things done fast enough. My oldest is soon to be 22 years old, and I still do not have a single yearly album, that is complete.  My main focus is now going to be getting those albums done. I plan to use the templates I design, to scrap the events, for which I do not have a lot of photos, relatively speaking. For the rest, I will continue to use My Memories Suite Software. Probably my most favorite tool in this program so far, is that it can automatically load photos into a page format for you. That feature alone, makes this program the best I have found, for helping you to build entire albums effortlessly, using one of the many installed templates, or designing your very own pages from scratch.

If you would like to create a complete album in minutes, I highly recommend My Memories Suite Software! Get $10 off MyMemories Suite AND a $10 gift certificate to use in their online store, by using this code STMMMS32018 at MyMemories

Speaking of My Memories Suite, the designers at MyMemories have come up another awesome Craftable freebie! You do not have to have MyMemories Suite to use this freebie; it will work in most any digital scrapbooking software. However, if you do have MyMemories Suite, you can customize with any paper and embellishments that you have. Click here to download.

Here is a FREE Tutorial on how to make your Party Bags!

1. Print your Purse Card templates on cardstock and gather supplies. Be sure to set your margins as close to 0 as possible.(Recommended supplies: small craft scissors, bone folder, glue runner)
2. Using the scissors cut along inside of handles
3. Fold bag at fold lines.There should be a total of 6 folds.TIP: Using a bone folder will help you get crisp edges on your project.
4. Using scissors, cut along outside edge
5. Lay the bag flat, printed side down.Fold up the tabs at the bottom of the bag, so that you can see the printing.Apply Glue to the tabs on the printed side.
6. Bring the side of the bag up and adhere the tab to the bottom of the bag.
7. Repeat on other side.
8. Lay the bag down, and apply glue to the last tab.
9. Attach the remaining side.TIP: Insert your hand into the bag to ensure that all the tabs are securely.
10. Enjoy your Bag! You can fill it with all kinds of goodies or treats.TIP: You can take the front and back and press them together to make side seams.

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