The Panthéon

Today I am sharing a layout I made with  photos from my daughter’s trip to Paris. Kit is an O-scraps collaboration called Parisian Holiday. Template from Precepts and Promises Template Pack 1 Designed by: Precepts and Promises.  Font is Andalus.

The Panthéon was originally an abbey dedicated to St. Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. At the start of the French Revolution, the new Revolutionary government ordered it to be changed from a church to a mausoleum for the interment of great Frenchmen.

(Translated) To the great men, the homeland is grateful.

Marie Curie; the only woman to be so honored, is still radioactive and blocked off to entry. You can view from a distance.

Alexandre Dumas; Epic Author of The Count of Monte Cristo.
Victor Hugo; author of Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables.
René Descartes; Father of Modern Philosophy.
Voltaire; Philosopher and author of Candide.
Rousseau; Great philosopher.

Thanks for stopping by. If your interested I went ahead and made a word art of the title work on this layout. Click here to download.


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