Another Faith Sisters Birthday Bash Challenge!

I made today’s layout for the Faith Sisters Crop Circles Birthday Bash Challenge.  Kit is Arts & Crafts by Digital Compilations by Cinda. Template from Project 365 Templates – Bundle 1 by: Sweet Tomato Designs. Colors of Day – Alpha by Benilda Scraps. Fonts are The King and Queen and Speedline.
Journaling reads:
Back to School
Anna is an intelligent Tom Boy that LOVES Girls clothes. She is a social butterfly and enjoys school because she gets to see her friends every day.

Anna delights in all things creative. Her handwriting is beautiful, well at lest compared to our family. She has a kitten named Harley who sleeps with her every night.

As a family, we often go camping, swimming and biking. If you can’t find Anna, look up, she is probably in a tree.

Anna usually helps make dinner and shares in the household chores. Even though she hates doing dishes and her room is usually a mess.

Anna would rather draw or build with Legos than watch television. She enjoys reading the Nancy Drew books I collected as a child.

Anna is a beautiful, sensitive, caring, strong willed girl. She likes to help people and is very good at organizing things.

Anna is and always will be my precious girl.


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