Lets Rock!

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Did you hear the news? Pamela Donnis just moved to full-time spots at Funky Playground Designs  AND The DigiChick!! Whoohoo!!! She is so excited, shes handing out giftcards, left and right!!!

Leave a comment at DST telling her which store you’d prefer a coupon to, and you never know, you may be shopping soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam has so many wonderful creations you may find it hard to choose what to spend your money on. Maybe I could give you a hint? Are you READY TO ROCK? Let’s Rock is Pam’s latest kit and is on sale for 20% off right not at Funky Playground Designs!

Let's Rock!
I made the below layouts of my daughter’s kitten discovering the radio with this Rocking kit

Want a $3 coupon to spend on whatever you’d like in Pam’s store? All you have to do is sign up for her newsletter!! All NEW subscribers will receive a $3 coupon to shop with. How fun is that!!!!!! Sign Up here


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