Fishing is about…

ct-blinkie4 jillzctblink
I think the combination of the purposely simple journaling and the happy faces of my children really says it all in this layout. I feel a warmth in my heart just thinking about it.
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.
Henry David Thoreau
Fishing is about finding joy in the simple things 

Kits are Garden Charm and Garden Charm Add-on by Pamela Donnis

Blue Crayon is from Box of 64, also by Pamela Donnis
Template from To the Side, by JZDesigns
Fonts are Annie BTN and Twin Marker

This layout was made for challenge 4 of the ADSR and for the Inspired by challenge at Elemental Scraps

Pamela Donnis  very generously created Garden Charm Add On as a mini kit for the Inspired by Challenge at Elemental Scraps. Stop by today to to snag it and use it in your LO and participate in the challenge


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