Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race

I made today’s  layout for Amazing Digital Scrapbook Race Stop #3  at Gotta Pixel. Photos are of my son and his dog. The original layout that I am modifying for this challenge contained 2 black and white copies of the photo where son is kissing his dog and one of them sleeping. This new version contains the opposite. Since making my original layout, I have learned extraction techniques as seen in the larger photo (s). I am now working on learning perspectives and developing a technique for giving realistic depth to my layouts. First is my orginal layout, followed by new layout for this challenge
Kit is Sogni Dolci {Sweet Dreams} by Cherie Shields. I am sooo happy to be a guest member of Cherie’s Creative Team! She has a wonderful eye for color. Her unique kits are full of texture and fun elements. Below is a larger image of the layout I made with Cherie’s Sogni Dolci. Fonts are Rockwell and LegerD.

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