You are outta this world!

All today’s layouts were made with “Outta This World” By Sunny Kohler
My Bedroom Is Outta This World
The layout above shows some of the mural I painted in the room DD and DS shared. (I can’t find the other pictures but I also put planets and glow in the dark constellations on the ceiling.) We have moved to a bigger house since then :0( But now every one has their own room and we have been having fun painting new things :0) This mural was actually a very big selling point of that house. The first day we had it on the market a family came by and loved all the murals and faux painting I did, made an offer that day :0)
 Font is Tubular
I Love You
To Infinity and Beyond!
Is a special bedtime phrase my son and I started saying to each other when he was a toddler and loved to watch Toy Story (For those that don’t know, Buz Lightyear says “To Infinity and Beyond” when he flies)
Fonts are MissyBT, AmosExtended, and Aharoni
When I saw the templates for a past The Wacky Wednesday Challenge at Gotta Pixel,
I just had to make a couple birhtday cards using this kit. It is so cute!
Font is AmosExtended
Last but not least here is your freebie! 
For all of you that have or know children that are Toy Story fans, I made a word art for you. Thanks to Disney and Buz Lightyear for the “To Infinity and Beyond” part!  Fonts are MissyBT, AmosExtended, and AharoniClick here to download, please leave some love ;0)

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Diana
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 21:13:54

    Thank you for this wonderful word art… my grandson and I say “I Love you Bunches and Bunches” and he remembers every time…(He’s 5) It’s such a heart-warmer, every time…

    Your son’s room is so cute. great that he has a place of his own expression.

    Thank you again for this gift.


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