Starting a puppy Scrapbook!

I have decided to make my son a “My Puppy” album for Christmas. These photos are of DS and/or his puppy. Kit is My Baby Girl by Kreative Karma In every layout EXCEPT Lil’ Freckle Tum, I used templates from  “Express Yourself” or “Triple Trouble” by JZDesigns .

Photos of my son’s fur baby, Roofus. Her nicknames is “Sweet Pea”. It started out as “Princess and the Pea”, because her sleeping area has to be just so. She will spend a lot of time dragging things into piles, fluffing items, etc. But Princess and the Pea was too hard to say, so “Sweet Pea” it is :0)

My Baby Girl” by Kreative Karma is CUTE AS CAN BE! The prefect kit for your little Sweet Pea :0) LOVE the soft textures of the fuzzy alpha and the modern green, pink and brown color mixture. Not too bright, not too soft, this kit is just right 0  

My Baby Girl - The Full Kit

OH! Since it has been a few days since I gave out a freebie, here is a template for you. I posted this template’s layout in a recent Faith Sisters Thread. If you downloaded my Humble Word Art, it will layer on top of this template nicely. Just as an overlay would. :0)

In case you did not see it, this is a copy of the previous layout mentioned. To snag this word art, please go to my previous Faith Sister’s posting containing this layout :0)



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