My Dad is Trail Boss

Pedernales Falls 2004

I made this layout for the Inspired by Color and Blending Mode challenges at Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild

I cropped and used the Lighten blending effect on the photo in the top right an corner of this page. Love how it turned out! That combined with the orange and yellow in the layout, make me feel like I am sitting right there starring at the campfire about to get lost in thought :0)

I also played with my lettering trying different fonts, sizes, and colors, until I was happy with the results. I think these font combinations go well with this page. Childish, playful, mascualin and bold all at the same time.

Layout says the rest!

Autumn Spice by Julie Marie, told you I love this kit! I just can’t seem to stop using it. LOL
Tripple Trouble Template Pack by JZDesigns available 10/17/08 at Faithsisters

Fonts are WhackyAction, CopperBlaD, ArabBrud

Having been active in the YMCA Indian Guides and Princesses, Adventure Guides and Trail Blazers for 12+ years. I know how hard it is to find elements that fit the theme. So much harder than say Girlsouts and Boyscouts. SO, I have made you another free Word Art! Includes all the journaling on my layout. Click here to download. Please leave some love :0)


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