Happy Dia De Los Muertos Birthday?!


Now here are a couple layouts that might confuse you. My daughter decided to have her birthday party early (that year) so she could have a Halloween party instead. It worked out really well as we scheduled the party for the same day as the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) parade and celebration down town. Which made for a fabulous party activity!! (I will be doing my journaling on another layout) 

This type of blending was a first for me. Usually, if I blend I make my photos fade into the background. But I was inspired by the challenge and notice my larger pictures in this two page layout were much brighter than I wanted and the girls were very washed out. I “fixed” this by using the “Hard Light” blend mode. I saw this was an improvement but the colors still were not as bold as I wanted. So I duplicated my picture, layering that picture on top of the first and again selecting the “Hard Light” blend mode. Ta-Da! :0) Font is Appendix3

When making this layout I was inspired by the Get Digi With It Template Challenge, Gotta Pixel Font Fever Challenge, and  Digital Scrapbook Artisan Guild Blend Mode Challenge.

Kit is Spooksville by Amanda Dykan 

Spooksville by Amanda Dykan & Melissa Bennett


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