Love the Challenges at Faith Sisters!


My layout won the Faith Discover Challenge #17 at Faith Sisters! I just have to say I love the challenges at Faith Sisters. Unlike all other scrapbook challenges I have participated in, there is true meaning to the challenges at Faith Sisters. They help you to take a look inside yourself and examine your relationship with God. In doing so you also leave very important details about who you are, what you think and what you have gone through for future generations. That is the best part of all! To participate in this weeks Faith Discovery or Scripture challenge, click here.

But we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3

Upon A Shelf

I am a lump of clay in a jar upon a shelf.

A sculptor reaches in and gently and pulls me from my vessel.

He holds me in his warm hands. I am safe.

“Oh my lovely child, I know the beauty that is within you.

But if I shape you without first preparing you,

Thee will not be able to bear the heat of my kiln.”

“To become the masterpiece you are meant to be thee must be wedged.”

Through many trials and tribulations,

I scream in pain as my being is torn to pieces.

I have done nothing wrong,

Why does he strike at me so?

I cry out “ Stop or you will destroy me!”

The kneading begins,

Oh what pleasure.

I smile as I look into my sculptors eyes,

“I am ready“.

“No!” he cries.

I tremble at the brutish force, now worse than before.

I am perplexed, exposed, dry and hardening.

I begin to crack and flake.

I yell out , “This must be the end”.

My sculptor, he says nothing but continues to wedge.

“Why? Oh Why?” I cry

As the cold hard blade stabs at my soul.

I let forth a deafening howl,

“ I am hard now, I can stand no more!”

In that moment, tender fingers begin to massage me,

Gently caressing my jagged edges.

Soft hands smoothing my fractured surface.

I feel strength rising within me.

The sculptor is putting my broken pieces back together.

The building process begins.

A soft voice speaks, “My creation, you are almost ready.”

I am being carried now, carried to the kiln.

I feel the fire of my father’s love,

Stronger than anything I have ever know.

I am transformed.

I rejoice as my beauty is revealed.

I am a jar made of clay

Shinning in the light.

Sitting on my father’s shelf,

It was worth the fight.

Cross from Delightful Doodles by Dahlia Designs,  Jar from Boy Oh Boy Ellies by Soigne Scraps. I also used Beautiful You by Dahlia Designs on all the layouts I am sharing today :0)

When I looked at this picture of my husband’s nephew and his daughter, I was struck by the look of complete happiness and love on his face. The kind of love only a parent can know.

In addition to Dahila’s Beautiful You kit I used her FREE template available at Faith Sisters on the above layout. Fonts are Freebooter Script and FormalScrpt 421 BT 

For you freebie today, I made a Word Art out of my page title. Click here to download. Please leave a comment, I LOVE to hear from you!

My last layout for today, is of my husbands great niece. She loved playing in that tunnel! Font is Tubular


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