Stop Digital Piracy!


I recently learned that someone I have been involved with made a mistake that appears to be all too common among new digital scrappers. Over a period of a couple weeks last year, she shared a few files she should not have. They were not her designs. This person has expressed regret for her actions and did what she could to compensate for her mistake and do right by the original designers.

In light of these events, it seemed like a good time to express my support for Digital Scrapbook Designers and do what I can to spread the anti-piracy word.

Digital Scrapbook Designers work hard on their creations; they put a lot of themselves into their work. Please do not share files that are not your original from scratch or from commercial use creations (unless you have the designer’s permission). Remember to always give the designer(s) credit when you post in galleries, on your blog, in emails, etc.

With all that said, I should add that the majority of Digital Piracy is not committed by newbie’s who have not yet learned better. But by experienced scrappers who think they are not hurting anyone by sharing files. Digital file sharing is not the victimless crime many seem to think it is. (Just as shoplifting is not a victimless crime.) Digital Scrapbook Designers have many business expenses that these people don’t seem to realize. Let’s think about that for a moment… 

1)  Digital Design Software can cost hundreds of dollars

2)  Up to date computers with large amounts of memory are needed

3)  Backup software and hardware are a must

4)  Many designers need additional hard drives

5)  The cost of running a website and blog must be considered

6)  Designers pay a fee to the stores that sell their products

7)  If they have their own stores, designers pay site fees, shopping cart fees, etc

8)  They also have to pay FTP fees so they can upload products to stores

9)  There are advertising fees

10) Not to mention the time involved in making these creations. One “simple” kit can take days to create. 

Please remember this if you are tempted to share a file. If you see something that you know a friend would love, send them the store link or a link to the designer’s blog instead. Better yet, send them a gift certificate! Who does not love being the recipient of a RAK?

I have known a number of Digital Designers who have stopped designing because of Digital Piracy. It is a shame that the Digital Scrapbooking Community has had to loose out on their talents. I would hate to see other gifted designers give up for the same reasons. Please do your best to show your appreciation and support to these designers who are kind enough to share their creativity with us.

Thanks to Jessie for making the great blinkie you see above! Want one for yourself? You can get it here.


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ladybee
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 06:05:31

    My comment is, if they do not want their work to be published, shared or ripped,they should be placing it behind a password protected area. If they place it on the interent, they are leaving themselves wide open.
    1, As for the software? that’s their choice. I also would like more software, but can’t afford it.
    2.computers with more memory? again, by choice.
    3.back ups? anyone would be foolish not to( thats anyone).
    4.more hard drives? again, by choice…
    5. cost of website. I have a website also. Am I complaining about cost?
    6. selling product? anyone that wants to move their products does this.
    7. Pays fee’s? as anyone who owns a business. Thats the price you must pay…
    8.FTP’s, again it’s the price you pay, oh well get over it…
    9.Again, it’s by choice.
    10. Time it takes to make a kit? same for web designers too. If you enjoy doing it, you don’t mind the time.
    So with this all said, what is your point?????


  2. creativelyobsessed
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 06:12:26

    I of course do not agree with the comments left by Ladybee. But have published it for others to read and respond as they wish.

    SO….Ladybee, Let me get this straight, you don’t see anything wrong with stealing?


  3. KDesigns
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 06:50:37

    I think you did a great job airing this problem and I have snagged the stop piracy blinkie, thank you


  4. AfriDigiDiva
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 07:09:46

    thank you for the blinkie and the information. I’ll be sure to pass it on.


  5. Scrap Evangel
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 07:12:03

    Well said!


  6. Krystal
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 07:16:18

    I think that was really ignorant of LadyBee to post. I agree with you 100%. These designers put in plenty of time, money, and effort into creating these gorgeous kits for us to use, they deserve the respect from everyone not to steal their designs. Thanks for the blinkie! =)


  7. Jennifer White
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 07:24:09

    Thank you for speaking out. Sadly there are many like Ladybee who do not respect the law. It IS her choice to steal.

    I’m running a business, and just because I put my wares out on the counter doesn’t mean I want you to steal them.

    I’m sure Ladybee doesn’t go into CVS and take something off the shelf, then say – “Hey, you had it sitting right there, not locked up, and the door was unlocked, so you must not care if it’s stolen”. They’d haul her off to jail so fast…

    I know people make mistakes. But you’ll find most designers WAY generous – look at all the freebies available! All we ask is that you send the link to our BLOG, not to the file. And don’t share something you purchased. The more people abuse our work, the more good designers are pushed out of the business. When all that’s left is the big companies like CK, see how many freebies you get then. So Ladybee, I wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you…


  8. Ladybee
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 07:48:26

    >, it’s doesn’t matter if you agree or not sweetheart. It’s reality.
    Attitude doesn’t help either.


  9. SweetMade
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 07:51:39

    thank you for this This is a great post.
    I have to comment on Ladybee
    Firstly most of the designers never sale their product on 4shared they sale it in the store
    Somoen who might buy it will then put it on a sharing site
    you understand this ?
    It is not us the designers its the people who dont have a creative bone in their body.
    yes other have been stolen from doea this mean we as designers should look the other way?
    No Microsoft wont look the other way if you are cought stealing their software
    it is not optional for us designers to work on a old pc lol aperantly you have never designed a 12×12 paper @300 dpi lol
    anyhow this post abov is great there will be allways some peopel who want to be the bad apple, but know this all bad apples Designers are paying attention saving ips and other info on you, when you may want to turn allround and make some thing productive with your life like support your family the legal way, you wont find any of us helping you… becouse you are one of them..


  10. demiurgia
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 11:46:54

    Ladybee said ‘they should be placing it behind a password protected area. If they place it on the interent, they are leaving themselves wide open’ Digital designs are pirated every day from legitimate businesses – either through people purchasing and then sharing or through sites being hacked. We are not the ones putting them up on the internet for everyone to share. the exception is obviously gifts we give to the general public to give them a taste of our designs or at times because we want to give something back to our supporters.You may ask ‘what is your point’ but I would ask what is yours? The only point I see you making is that you are ok with stealing and would be fine if everyone took everything you ever put on the internet in whatever form. Ok it is a fact that we put stuff out there on the internet but that doesn’t mean we should accept people with attitudes like yours.Piracy is a serious problem that goes beyond scrapbooking and I while I accept it is there I for one will never accept that it is ok.


  11. KDesigns
    Feb 23, 2008 @ 12:17:37

    Well said Demiurgia !!!


  12. LadyBug2
    May 16, 2008 @ 08:21:13

    I believe you both have your points, but I don’t necessarily believe LadyBee should be deemed a theif because she does not believe exactly the same as you. There is stealing all across America and murders and the theives aren’t always caught. Now, I don’t like it any, but unless something significant happens, ie people ban together on a greater scale, brainstorming. It will still go on, cause that’s the world we live in and it’s no different on the internet. But I think some designers need to wake up and know this fact before designing. So I’m real sorry for the designers that get their feelings hurt when someone steals from them, but I also feel there should be some maturing and growing up to do.

    So what’s the answer to this? Don’t know yet, but I’m working on it. I too would like to be a designer. And I have turned in people I have seen do it. Unfortunately for those… I will continue to do so. Stealing is wrong and always will be. But I will forgive those and not let them be a stumbling block for me.

    Good luck to all you designers that read this! I truly wish you well and I hope you lean on God when others steal from you. And may you catch the culprits. Software evolves constantly. Big Brother is watching.


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