Update on me

Hi everyone.

Sure wish I could spend more time here but I am still having problems with my shoulder/arm/neck/hand. It is painful to type or even sit here at my computer.I have been to 4 doctors; every one of them has a different opinion as to what is causing this. I had an MRI but it did not show anything. The last Dr I went to thinks the problem is lower in my back and they did not go low enough when they did the MRI. He is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon, I am just waiting for them to get back to me and let me know when I can get in. I did go to a massage therapist that specializes in acupuncture pressure points; thanks to him I can almost straighten my head.

Going stir crazy around here but it looks like I will be out for the rest of February at least.  I really hate this because I was just getting my quick page business going and now I can’t even work on that. Pretty much living on pain killers. They don’t relieve the pain completely, but at least they make it somewhat bearable so I can get though the day with my 4 daycare kids and then last long enough to get dinner on the table for my family most days.

Taking it as easy as I can, which is really hard for me as I am the kind of person that usually has a bunch of things going at once.

Hope all is well with you.


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