I will be out for awhile.

I woke up the other day with my shoulder bothering me. It was mid shoulder blade mid back. As the day progressed, it went from an occasional bothersome pain to a constant ach and spread down my arm to my fingers and up my neck. At this point I am in constant sever pain, only the hydrocodine makes it bearable. And I can not straighten my neck. (My head is tilted sideways). I went to the Dr Saturday and he said it was either a pinched nerve in my spine or marching (something I can’t remember) Syndrome where basically one muscle locks up and several others follow. He put me on pain killers and muscle relaxers and said if I was not better by today I would need x-rays. I also plan a visit to my Chiropractor, hopefully by some miracle of God he will b e able to adjust something and I will be good as new. Wishful thinking? Anyway it is with great effort I am typing this, and I am sure since I am so loopy from the meds it is full of mistakes. Sorry about that. Just wanted to let you all know I will probably be out for awhile.

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