Repost – Enter my random comment drawing to have a chance at winning Quick Pages of these layouts and more!

I could not get the images to work in my last Scrap Kitten Post. Don’t know why they were showing up and then did not. Any way, I am reposting so you can see the layouts I made with this fabulous kit:)


The Scrap Kitten site experienced some technical difficulties earlier this month. If you had any problems while visiting Scrap Kitten, they should be resolved now.  Please stop by for a visit.

I made today’s layouts with Scrap Kitten’s “Cranberry Crush” This kit is FULL  of embellishments, I did not even use all the ribbons on the below layout! Photo is my daughter and her best friend.


The second layout is of my daughter and her daddy, dancing like there is no one else in the world. The fonts are LD Teddy’s Trip and LD Stylish, Teddy’s Trip is filled with one of the backgrounds from Cranberry Crush, and outlined in black. Click here to download your free copy of the word-art used on this layout.


Again, this image was not showin up in Full size mode. I have had to select thumbnail size to get it to post. I have no idea why I am having problems with these images of my recent Scrap Kitten layouts. I did nothing different from what I normally do:(

Don’t forget to leave a comment! If you leave a comment on any of my blog postings highlighting this months contest sponsor, Scrap Kitten. You will be entered in my random drawing and could be selected to receive FREE Quick Pages of ALL of the Scrap Kitten layouts I make this month. PLUS a coupon code for 20% off all products at Scrap Kitten!


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