A weekend in our life

Hi everyone!

My goal this year is to do more Journaling.  To document those little day to day events that in years to come, will be such precious memories. With family and friends being spread all over these days, an easy way to keep in touch is with email and photos. 

DH got me a subscription to Smile Box, and I have decided to combine this with those weekly to bi-weekly emails. In doing so I have my journaling of those day to day happenings; that would other wise go unrecorded. With the photos too! 

At the end of the year, I will end up with a scrapbook that will give future generations a true glimpse into our daily lives. All you have to do is drag and drop your photos and write a quick note.  

Ok, my note below was not so quick this time, but HOPEFULLY most weekends won’t be so eventful. Chuckle

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Weekend update letter to family and friends sent with quik and easy SmileBox scrapbook. Keep in touch and document lifes events at the same time.

It has been a busy couple days. DS1’s school called me at around one on Friday and said he was having an allergic reaction to something; he was getting red and sweaty with bumps and itching. I told them I was on my way. Before I could even get the three daycare kids I had that day up from nap and loaded in my truck.  The school called back. “We think it is just a reaction to his new shirt. We will give him another you don’t need to come.” So, I say “Ok let me know if it is still bothering him.” A few minuets go by and I get another call. “He is getting worse you should come get him”. So in the car and off we go. He could barely walk down the steps to me he was shaking so bad and was having labored breathing. His neck was starting to swell. We head straight to the doctor, which is closer than the hospital. As soon as we walk in the door DS1 is rushed into the back. I run back to the car and unload the DC kids. He gets a shot of Ephedrine within moments, followed by a breathing treatment and a steroid shot.

It appears he has developed a sudden allergy to peanuts. Bummer, since he is such a foodie. That is one ingredient that will have to stay off his list:(  He is going back next week to test and be sure it was the peanut butter.

The doctor said normally when someone has a reaction like this they send them by EMS to the emergency room. But since he responded quickly to the meds (WHEW) and (I think) because of the extra kids I had in tow, they would keep him there and observe. I could leave him and come back if I needed to. So, I call the DC parents and drop off their kids. Then by the house to get a book for DS1, make sure the cleaning people got in and leave a check. (One of the perks of having an in home day care, cleaning is a tax write off and boy, do I need it with all we have going on) Run to pick up DS2 and DD2 who are just getting out of school. To avoid the long wait in the parent pick up line, I entered the parking lot from the “wrong side” and park as close as I could, rushed in and got my kids from class.

Back at the doctor, DS1 is doing better but tired. We wait for a couple hours. Then say we can go home but need to keep a close eye if he starts to react again, which could happen after the meds wear off, call 911. Don’t even try to drive to the hospital because there won’t be enough time. (You can imagine over protective mom the rest of the night.) Then, to the drug store for an inhaler. (He needs to take Benadryl every six hours this weekend.)  Followed by a dash to pick up DD1 who in now out of school too and waiting for me. That night DH’s DN and family, came into town for their visit.

Saurday, we had the Pine Car Derby and Rocketry. DD2 won a trophy for most creative! But they made a mistake and gave her trophy to someone else. So she has to wait for them to order another.

DS1 was tired from the Benadryl and unable to participate in Rocketry, but DS2 and DD2 set off his rocket for him. The last time it was set off, DD2 had the honors. When the rocket finally came down, it went over the “lake” toward the highway. We listened for car horns, etc. thankfully there were none. One the way home DH decided to pull off the side of the road and look for the Rocket, I follow. The four of use traps through the “woods” and search. We found a bunch of wild Bamboo, took a few pictures and the kids each collected a stick. Just as we were about to give up our search for the rocket, DH looks across the highway and sees the reflection of the shiny red Rocket dangling from a tall bush. DH runs over and rescues the rocket.

On the way back DD2 rode with DH and DS2 with me.  DS2 tells me he wants to get home first so he can tell DS1 (about our adventure). So, it’s a race! I pull into the drive just before DH and both kids jump out of the car and make a mad dash for the house as we sit there cracking up. By the time we get to the door DD2 comes out crying because DS2 told DS1 first. (ahhh, poor girl). Mom and Dad need a nap.

A few hours later DN and family got back from their outing. We had dinner and hung out for awhile. DH’s DN had a job interview with a doctor today. They might be moving here and are looking at houses tomorrow. In the evening, another DN stops by. Then they were out again to watch a late movie as we took care of  the little one.  That girl did not go to bed until after eleven! Lucky she is such a sweet thing:)

After one on Sunday morning only DD2, DH and the little one are asleep and I am stealing a moment for me.

Hope all is well with you!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barb
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 04:32:19

    Crazy weekend indeed!


  2. Lilja
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 05:01:44

    That’s some weekend!! I hope your son is better – peanut allergy is really awful!


  3. Demetria
    Jan 23, 2008 @ 05:09:22

    Yeah you had a busy busy weekend… glad you DS is doing well!!!


  4. creativelyobsessed
    Jan 23, 2008 @ 12:45:11

    Thanks, we go back Thurs for the test. Just avoiding peanuts for now.


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