Face Your Fears


“Michael” by Saskia Bokkers, is a wonderfully masculine kit that also works well on outdoor layouts. I love the leather stitched frames and multitude of zippers in this kit.  I also used Rebecca Myers “12×12 Page Templates 1” on the “Face Your Fears” layout and modified her templates for the other two. On the titles I got creative and used LD Teddy’s Trip font, which I filled with Saskia’s papers. The journaling is Times New Roman.


Journaling by my husband: 

I choose Brazos Bend State Park to visit primarily to overcome my innate fear of a recurring nightmare I have had for years. In that dark dream, I found myself unsuccessfully trying to rescue one or both of my sons from alligators or crocodiles while swimming in a local lake or creek. I course I would never let my children swim in water infested with such large reptiles but it was after all, just a bad dream.


So I took my sons on an outing in search of alligators our first day at the park. It was a nice summer day for kids and reptiles and we took our bikes for a ride along the marches with just our safety helmets, our water bottles, and my .357 magnum in a fanny pack. Our first stop was at a fishing dock about 8’ above the water. The water was murky but calm and nothing seemed to appear in the water…no turtles, no fish, and definitely no alligators. We asked the three fisherman there if they had seen any alligators but they only thought they spotted a snout sticking out from under some bushes near the shore.


****** immediately kneeled down on the dock to get a better look and his water bottle slipped out of his backpack and hit the water 8’ below with a kerploosh! Hearing the splash before realizing what caused it, I asked in a panic where ***** was since he was no longer in my sight (the dream was happening in real life I thought!). He poked his

head around the leg of one of the fiserman, “right here Dad”. Whew! Just as I started breathing again, I looked down to see an 6-7’ alligator immediately below the dock in the water where before there wasn’t even a ripple of motion. “Okay, we’re through here” I said and we headed back to the camp site.


The next day, however, determined to “get back on that horse”, we once again went cycling along the 30 foot path between the marshy swamps that contained dozens, if not hundreds, of dinosaur descendants. It was eerie at first but I finally felt I overcame the trauma of my dreams and I have not had that nightmare since.




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ginamariaspaghetti
    Dec 02, 2007 @ 00:02:48

    Oh, my! You got your husband to provide journaling? You’ve got a keeper, there!


  2. scrappycats
    Dec 02, 2007 @ 01:17:46

    Great journaling by your DH. I like the layout and love how you used the zipper.


  3. janmary
    Dec 02, 2007 @ 01:48:25

    Wow – definitely facing your fears!


  4. kara jones
    Dec 02, 2007 @ 22:13:06

    wow, that’s a fear i do NOT want to face. the photos give me the heebeejeebies!

    Now the armadillo, i can handle! 😉

    awesome layouts and GREAT journaling!


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