Joined another CT!!!


 The layouts below are my first assignment for k-Joi. I used Rachael’s RAWKon kit . GREAT girly but not too cute colors in this kit! There is a really fun shinny foil skull background, my 8 and 17 year old DDs both love it! Oh, and I love the cardboard background and corners too. I will be using this kit again and again. I also used Micha’s skety from the sketch challange at K-Joi on the first layout. Click on the layouts to be taken to Rachael’s kit.

Tree Climbers - Grow up to be - Tree Huggers

Tree Climbers - Grow up to be - Tree Huggers


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  1. Shannon
    Nov 11, 2007 @ 11:25:41

    Hey, i saw your post through the RR site and thought that i would check out your blog.
    You have some really nice layouts here!
    As far as putting blinkies in your sidebar
    i don’t use wordpress just use blogger. i
    know how to do all those things at blogger,
    because there the customization or help tips
    are pretty easy to follow.
    i think your header looks nice and i wouldn’t
    have notice any blurriness if you hadn’t
    mentioned it. i like the way the brad
    “joins” the two pieces of ribbon, and i love
    that burlap looking fabric that you have
    behind it.
    i made the header for my blog from Raspberry
    Road Designs, because i don’t know that i
    will ever begin to try to make my own things
    (there are so many GREAT designers out there
    and i enjoy their stuff so much!)
    i just now realized that you are the one
    that is trying to edit the video for your
    daughter, and i am the one that answered
    and said that i used Quicktime Pro to edit
    some video i had here. i was able to put some
    pieces of video that i had all together to
    make one video. But i am not sure if what
    i was working with was in the same video
    format as what you are trying to edit. i know
    how frustrating those things are for me, until
    i find a way to do them, and i hope that you
    are able to find a solution! There is another
    program out there that seems to do alot of
    things like conversion of formats and that type of thing, and that is Nero. but i have only used it to convert MP3 files to regular audio files so
    that i could burn a cd that would play in my car.
    i so hope that all of that info helps!


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